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After An 8 Year Hiatus From Closing 
It's Original Location In Boise, ID, 
Olga's Deep Tissue Massage 
Is Opening A Brand New Location In 
Santa Clarita, CA!

We Know Trying To Find An Amazing Massage Can Be Expensive, Unpredictable, And Utterly Disappointing.  So We Want To Offer You The Opportunity Not Only To Try Olga's Deep Tissue For 50% OFF The Retail Price, But Also Give You The Chance To Lock In Brand New Membership Pricing For Life!*
Olga's Specializes In Fixing The Following Problems:
  • Tension Or Stress Headaches
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Numbness & Tingling In Your Arms Or Hands
  • ​Low Back Aches & Sciatic Pain
  • ​Knots In The Shoulder Blades
  • ​​Kinked Neck
  • ​Frozen Shoulder/Limited Range Of Motion
  • *Olga's Deep Tissue Massage is currently open and is pre-booking new clients by appointment. With your choice of a male or female therapist, the first 25 customers to schedule will receive a 50% off promo code for their first visit, and the option to sign up at a discounted membership rate of $100/month for the lifetime of their membership with Olga's Deep Tissue Massage. 
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Here Is What Past Clients Of Olga's Deep Tissue Had To Say:
 "Amazing, best my neck & shoulders have felt in years, They really know their stuff! I know I will be coming back as well as giving gift certificates from here to my family." 
- Aubrey S.
 "For the issues I have in my neck and shoulders Allen is the only therapist I will go see. He addresses my
issues in a way that takes away all doubt that he knows what he is doing. Since I can't work on myself he
is my therapist of choice."
Rachel K. 
 "You are a Massage GOD!"
Amanda F.  (Massage Therapist of 6 years)
 "If you are ever looking for an excellent massage therapist, it’s Allen Simpson, the owner of Olga’s Deep Tissue Massage. I have been in pain for the past two weeks with a pinched nerve in my shoulder and neck. I asked him to help me. He did, and now I’m feeling SO much better! I could hardly move my neck and now I can even look behind me when I change lanes!! I had the same problem about six months ago, and I had him work on my shoulder and it was 100% better for many months after. I’ve had a lot of massages because my back is jacked up, and I can tell you, he’s the best therapist I have had work on me! EVER!."
Aimee S. 
A Certified Massage Therapist from Los Angeles, CA, Allen Simpson has been specializing in Deep Tissue for over 20 years.

After graduating from The Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1999, he began developing his own system of Deep Tissue that focused on using most effective, efficient tools and techniques to find the perfect pressure for each muscle being worked on.    

In 2010 he opened Olga's Deep Tissue Massage in Boise, ID, and built a large following of die hard repeat customers.  He then hired on 2 new therapists and trained them to do exactly what he could do.  After thousands of massages and rave reviews from his clientele, he had to close the business and go on hiatus due to some unfortunate life circumstances. 

However, in late 2019, he is bringing Olga's Deep Tissue back to life, and setting up shop in Santa Clarita, CA.   His relaxed fist, perfect pressure, deep tissue method is quickly gaining popularity in several countries worldwide. 

If you are looking for an incredibly comfortable, yet thorough and effective Deep Tissue Massage that will increase your range of motion, kill the headaches and make you feel like a million bucks, then grab your 50% OFF Promo code and schedule an appointment at Olga's Deep Tissue Massage today!
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